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Testimonials From Participants in Mindfulness Courses or Meditation Sessions

"I am calmer, more productive in my relationships and most importantly, I have a feeling of accomplishment."

“Over the years, I have taken a few different meditation classes and worked to improve my understanding and skill in the meditative arts. Unfortunately, my endeavors had not been very effective.  However, Alicia's leadership, explanations of the process and ability to weave the meditative mindset into my thinking has not only widened my perspective but has given me the tools to integrate a mindfulness practice into my daily life. With her guidance, I am calmer, more productive in my relationships, and most importantly, I have a feeling of accomplishment.”

"Her lovely, quiet, highly-receptive warm manner is absolutely perfect for this type of ‘instruction’."

"I am very impressed with Alicia's lessons and the manner in which she manages the content that is covered.  The fact that she provides a unique mindful objective each week is a beautiful way to conduct the sessions.  She is truly meant to teach this course quite simply because she does such a great job of leading her students through each weekly lesson.  As an instructor, her lovely, quiet, highly-receptive warm manner is absolutely perfect for this type of 'instruction'.  I feel very lucky to have been part of two of Alicia's mindfulness courses."


"Her classes are the perfect way to focus my life on what is most important to me, particularly during a stressful time."

 "Alicia is delightful to know. She is very intelligent, insightful, centered, and calming. She is an excellent teacher, very good at gauging the pace of the class. I’ve enjoyed all of her Mindfulness classes. Her way of communicating is respectful and attentive... I appreciate the thoughtful ways she has helped my Mindfulness journey. I highly recommend Alicia as a Life Coach and Mindfulness instructor!"


"Alicia's courses helped shift my mindset in such a powerful way that I feel more at peace and more in control of my emotions. Plus, my outlook has taken on a kinder and gentler approach to life! Thank you for helping me navigate my intense emotions!"




"Alicia's classes have provided me with a great understanding of mindfulness practice through theory, actual practice, and reflection. Alicia is a great instructor!"



"A rising star in the world of dedicated mindfulness and wisdom teachers. Sign up for a group session and see for yourself."