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Hello Friend,

My name is Alicia Maciel, I'm a Mindfulness Teacher and Resilience Coach.  My calling is to support others to reduce stress and experience greater physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

In today's fast-pace, uncertain society we play multiple roles and often feel overwhelmed and depleted by competing demands and expectations. The great news is you are not alone!  

Welcome to  Here you will find community and resources to support you on your path toward greater CLARITY, FOCUS, and FULFILLMENT.

Executive Coaching

What would be possible for YOU, your TEAM, and your organization if:

You felt energized, equipped, and inspired to take your performance to the next level?

Your interactions fostered happier, more loyal team members, clients, patients, or supporters?

Your meetings and events actually inspired and mobilized others to engage? 

 Let's find out.

Mindfulness Training

It's not just what we know, but how we feel and make others feel that matters.   

Uncertainty and change can make us feel anxious and destabilized.  Fortunately, we have the ability to manage our thoughts and emotions.  

Let's work together to:

Learn skills of emotional intelligence and mindful communication.

Strengthen your resilience and ability to remain calm and centered.

Membership Community

Become a Member of the Community and gain access to:

A community of kind, growth-minded individuals who support each other. 

Weekly online mindfulness meditation sessions.

Member discounts and more!

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