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Hello Friend. My name is Alicia Maciel, I'm a Leadership Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Mentor.  My calling is to support busy professionals to grow resilience and experience greater physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

In today's fast-paced, uncertain environment we play multiple roles and often feel overwhelmed and depleted by competing demands and expectations. The great news is you are not alone!  

Welcome to  Here you will find professional coaching, training, and resources to support you on your path toward greater CLARITY, FOCUS, and FULFILLMENT.

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Leadership Coaching

What would be possible for you, your team, and your organization if:

You felt energized, equipped, and inspired to take your performance to the next level?

Your interactions fostered happier, more loyal team members, clients, patients, or supporters?

Your meetings and events actually inspired and mobilized others to engage? 

 Let's find out.

I specialize in supporting senior-level executives, mid-level managers, women leaders, and immigrant or first-generation professionals to become more effective at:

Managing stress and building resilience; Growing emotional intelligence; Developing executive presence; Overcoming impostor syndrome; Communicating effectively and influencing stakeholders; Managing conflict and difficult conversations; Increasing diversity, inclusion, and belonging

Testimonials from Coaching Clients

Mindfulness Training

Uncertainty and change can make us feel anxious and destabilized.  Fortunately, we have the ability to manage our thoughts and emotions. 

Decades of neuroscience studies show the power of mindfulness to relieve stress, awaken our positive capacities, and bring balance to our lives. Mindfulness gives us the power to meet any situation wisely, to be fully present, and to operate with compassion. When we can look more clearly at ourselves and our life situation, new possibilities naturally open up for transforming difficulties and emerging stronger and wiser.

I support others as a Mindfulness Mentor and lead comprehensive trainings in the fundamentals of mindfulness practices that are accessible to everyone, from beginners to those with prior meditative experience. Contact me today to discuss which options would be best for you or your team. 

Testimonials from Mindfulness Training Participants

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